Carotenoids are the pigments that provide yellow, orange and red coloring in plants, algae, fish and other species.    

In the skin they accumulate mostly in the epidermis and hold a wealth of skin benefits, including:

Photoprotection is the first line of defense in the prevention of premature aging and the uv protective effects of carotenoids are the most notable of their benefits.

They achieve this through:

Regular use of spf, dietary and topically applied antioxidants can help slow the signs of premature aging as well as addressing sleep deficits and habits such as smoking. 

Vitamin C, Vitamin E and carotenoids offer synergistic antioxidant effects when combined.

We formulated The Clarity Oil to have an abundance of carotenoid rich ingredients alongside our Vitamin C derivative and Vitamin E including:

  • Annatto seed extract
  • Calendula flower extract
  • Spilanthes flower extract
  • Nettle leaf extract
  • Violet leaf extract
  • Cucumber seed oil
  • Milk thistle seed oil
  • Hemp Seed oil

Dietary intake of richly pigmented fruits and vegetables (orange, red and yellow) are beneficial for increasing skin carotenoid levels.  Combining dietary intake with topical application of products formulated with carotenoids maximizes benefits. 

*While carotenoids do offer photo protective benefits, they do not replace the need for SPF.  Combining both topical and dietary carotenoids to your daily SPF can give added protection.  Dietary and topical carotenoids are not enough on their own so do not ever depend on these methods for your uv protection.  Think of them as multifunctional additions to your spf routine.      



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