Winter Skin


Frigid weather, lack of humidity, dry indoor heating, and rapid temperature changes can leave skin feeling parched, tight and uncomfortable.  These conditions are a recipe for impaired skin barrier function and result in:

-Reduced hydration
-Increased trans epidermal water loss (moisture evaporation from skin)
-Loss of skin elasticity
-Possible increase in flaking, irritation, redness and sensitization


Now is the time to focus on lipid/oil rich, barrier strengthening and occlusive ingredients to seal in moisture.  The Clarity Oil is rich in fatty acids from hemp, cucumber, and milk thistle seed oils that support healthy skin function; has serious water binding action from polyglycerides and meadowfoam estolides (which are also structurally similar to ceramides); and barrier replenishing phytosterols from cucumber seed oil.

The trick is to apply on damp skin to seal in moisture.  It can be from toners, essences, water based serums or just plain water.  


Other tips to help with dry winter skin:

-Dietary intake of essential fatty acids like Omega-3 help to bring up water levels in skin.

-Go gentle on exfoliating this time of year.  Instead focus on products with barrier strengthening ingredients like ceramides, cholesterol/phytosterols, phospholipids/lecithin, and fatty acids. 

-Use gentle cleansers (cleansing balms or creamy cleansers are particularly nice).  If you have dry skin, skip morning cleansings and just splash with water.     

-Wear SPF daily. 

-Place a humidifier near your bed while you sleep. 

-Slather rich creams or oils while your skin is still wet after showering or cleansing to seal in moisture.

-Limit exposure time to hot water in showers and baths as this can strip natural oils and lead to more skin dehydration.  

-Supplemental ceramides support skin moisture, smoothness and elasticity from within.