The Clarity Ethos

At Mila, we are devoted to transparency. Above all else, we bring you clarity of ingredients, clarity in our process and unparalleled clarity in your skin. We approach our process with a health-focused, environmentally conscious ethos that celebrates the abundance and power of nature. From sourcing our ingredients to producing our clinically developed formula, we bring our obsession with freshness and our passion for innovation into all that we do. The Clarity Oil is the completion of our vision: total transparency and clear, effective results. Clarity is our key ingredient, from start to finish.


The Mila Lab is located on a small, lush Alabama farm. Nestled in a valley on a spring-fed lake, we are completely surrounded by woods and wildlife in the country’s most biodiverse state. By keeping our production local and intimate, we are able to hand tend and harvest our herbs with attention and care. We love living here and delight in sharing the abundance of our surroundings with you through our field fresh ingredients and on-demand extractions.

UPDATE: Follow along as we transition to our new land.  Nestled on the Southern edge of the Appalachian mountains overlooking a remote area of the Talladega National Forest.  Where we're working on planting our lush botanicals that will be rooted in humus-rich, fertile woodland soil surrounded by fresh mountain air.  Where fresh streams gently wind down the hillsides and the forest buzzes with bountiful wildlife.        


We are Kelly & Hamilton, growers and creators driven by our mutual obsession with plants. With backgrounds in herbalism and sustainable farming, our years of experience collaborating with the elements in every season has taught us the importance of protecting our skin and nourishing it with fresh ingredients. We are driven by endless curiosity about the earth’s potent natural compounds, and we are constantly evolving to find new applications for these gifts. Following our deep passion for experimentation, formulation and innovation in plant cultivation and extraction lead us to found Mila. It is now our greatest joy to share our discoveries with you.


Giving back to our community is foundational to our business model. In addition to our commitment to sustainable cultivation practices we also dedicate a portion of our small farm to growing nutrient-dense food for our friends at Royal Divinity Food Bank. This visionary non-profit has been tirelessly making fresh, healthy food accessible to people experiencing food scarcity outside of Birmingham, Alabama almost every day since 2015. We also donate a portion of proceeds from every sale to organizations doing meaningful work to transform their communities around the globe.