From field to bottle, we spent over three years perfecting each step of our process in collaboration with our team of chemists who formulated and tested under the EU’s stringent guidelines.  From selecting our ingredients to producing our clinically developed formula, we bring our obsession with freshness and passion for innovation into all that we do.


We spent years trialling different varieties and growing methods to cultivate the most nutrient dense plants possible while also building and enriching the soil around us. Through practices like crop rotation, cover cropping, and reduced soil disturbance, we’re building fertile soil that is teeming with biodiversity and rich in organic matter. Our small, lush farm is surrounded by woods and wildlife offering many different microclimates where our plants thrive. Growing with the utmost care, we hand harvest at peak perfection. 


Every additional ingredient we do not produce ourselves is meticulously vetted for sustainability, quality and purity. 

We work with dedicated partners producing our sustainable oil seeds, using varieties that yield superior quality oils. By sourcing seeds directly, we are able to use a higher quality raw material from the very beginning.


Our Sound Pulse extraction method utilizes sound wave pulses to break the cell walls of our Mila farm grown botanicals. This unique process allows for more beneficial compounds to be released, resulting in extraordinarily potent extracts with unique compounds that may otherwise be bound inside cells.

Conventional infusion techniques utilize either heat, sunlight or long durations all of which negatively impact the oil's integrity and freshness. Our method is temperature controlled to ensure that our extracts are not heated, preserving their delicate botanical constituents.


We carefully cold-press our delicate seed oils of Hemp and Milk Thistle fresh for every batch.  By pressing these oils on demand, we are able to maximize their benefits and the freshness and stability of the overall formula.  


Every batch is formulated and hand-bottled in our farm lab for peak performance. There is no part of the process that is outsourced so we can ensure quality at every step. After bottling, we blanket the oil in each bottle with inert nitrogen. This protects the oil from oxidation, so you can enjoy the the very freshest oil when it arrives at your doorstep.