At Mila, our commitment to sustainability and doing our part to protect the environment runs deep. We celebrate biodiversity and seek balance in our cultivation practices, working with and learning from nature here on our small farm in Alabama. We strive to integrate environmentally sound practices into every aspect of our operations.

Carbon Neutral

We partner with COTAP (Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty) to completely offset our carbon footprint for every aspect of our operations from farm to shipping.  COTAP counteracts carbon emissions through certified forestry projects in least-developed regions, which create transparent, accountable, and life-changing income streams for smallholder farmers who live in areas where earnings are typically less than $2 per day and where access to income streams can be scarce.

Regenerative Farming

Through practices like crop rotation, cover cropping, composting and reduced soil disturbance, we’re building fertile soil that is teeming with biodiversity and rich in organic matter. Rather than focus on feeding the plants, we focus on feeding the soil to cultivate a healthier and more resilient ecosystem.


Everything from our shipping tape to our bottles has been mindfully selected to balance sustainability, function, product integrity and the aesthetic experience.  

Shipping Boxes: 
-100% Recycled cardboard 
-Printed with carbon-negative algae ink and eco-friendly      ink 
-100% biodegradable, compostable FSC certified Aspen        Excelsior fill 
-Card made with 100% recycled and recyclable paper and    printed with carbon-negative algae ink 
-Recyclable kraft tape with corn-starch adhesive 
-100% recycled and recyclable shipping label

-Glass made with partly recycled glass cullet
-Cap recyclable PP #5 (BPA Free) 
-Orifice reducer recyclable HDPE #2 (BPA Free)

-100% recyclable paper printed with eco-friendly ink 
-Printed with 100% wind energy

We know that there isn’t any one material that is inherently sustainable so we are dedicated to continuously evolving and reducing our footprint as more sustainable packaging innovations emerge.

Innovation in Upcycling

We are exploring new uses for our byproducts. For example, the milk thistle and hemp meal left over after oil pressing contains valuable nutrients and compounds.  We are working on new methods to extract these for future products.  Any other byproducts from our oil pressings and herb extractions that are not used in our formulas are composted and turned into rich organic matter that builds our soil and nourishes future plant ingredients.  

1% For People

Now and in the future it’s dire that advocating for the environment goes hand in hand with advocating for marginalized communities.  We direct proceeds from every purchase to organizations dedicated to equity and representation.

1% For The Planet

Supporting the safekeeping of Earth's natural wonder for generations of humans and animals alike is an important part of our business model.   

We direct a percentage of proceeds from every purchase to organizations doing meaningful work around the globe to preserve rainforests, water, and wildlife.  

Responsible Sourcing

Every ingredient we do not produce ourselves is meticulously vetted for sustainability, quality and purity.  We partner with conscious suppliers that have the same level of dedication to sustainability, fair trade and transparency as we do.  

Working Towards Zero Waste

We make every effort to reduce waste in each part of our operations.  We compost, recycle through our local recycling programs, and utilize Terracycle for nearly everything else that isn’t recyclable locally.